Our Business is driven by strong professional ethics and guided by our vision to establish ourselves as the leading and trustworthy Architectural and Engineering Consultants globally.

Our Business Strategy has been successful and tested over years since 2001, when we started as a Partnership firm with limited staff and services. It has undergone various revisions in line with the client requirements and emerging technologies.

In terms of Design and Consultancy services we have covered all the major disciplines, and provide a one stop solution to our client.

Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control department have been tasked to monitor the company's progress in terms of the quality of our output, applicable standards, the company's vision, and its core values.

We intend to improve and utilize the support from our Associate offices in Dubai. This is mainly to benefit from our professionals Gulf experience and share with our staff in India. A dedicated team is allocated for Marketing and Coordination, with the main intent of dealing with the physical distance between our clients and our offices in India and Dubai. This provides our clients a 7 day a week and a 24 hour access to our staff from any of our offices. A call center will also be established in the near future, for the same purpose.

Sharing of knowledge has been the key for the success of our company. Regular monitoring of emerging and innovative technologies and updates on local and International standards, local authority requirements is part of our day to day operations. We will continue to provide regular training for our staff and share the knowledge between our India and Dubai offices and also keep us updated with latest technologies and regulations, for the benefit of our client and our staff. We will transfer the valuable knowledge and skills to fresh, juniors and senior professionals in the industry with the intent of positively contributing to their continual professional development.

We also intend to diversify in providing high quality and experienced professionals to our Clients on a temporary basis. We understand that some of our International clients require the physical presence of professionals for some projects on a short term basis. We will train few members of our team, who are capable of and are interested in such roles. We will also diversify into providing International Site Supervision staff for our regular clients.